old english banknotes

Old English Banknotes

Sir Edward Elgar Twenty Pound Note

Sir Edward Elgar Twenty Pound Note

This old ‘Edward Elgar’ twenty pound note, number ED55 928377 is signed by the Chief Cashier at the time; Andrew Bailey

Andrew Bailey was the Chief Cashier for the Bank of England from January 2004 to April 2011.

Queen Elizabeth II (1926 – 2022) is the monarch pictured on this £20 note.

Sir Edward Elgar Twenty Pound Note rear

Sir Edward Elgar Twenty Pound Note rear

The reverse of this old twenty pound note shows the composer Sir Edward Elgar 1857 to 1934.

The words ‘VIEW OF THE WEST FACE OF WORCESTER CATHEDRAL’ and ‘St. Cecilia’ are printed on the rear of this £20 note

This Edward Elgar Twenty Pound Note is an E Series (Revision) note issued from 22nd June 1999 and Withdrawn from circulation on 30th June 2010.


Edward Elgar attributed Worcester Cathedral as the place where he first learned music as a child aged around 9 years. The cathedral is located in Worcester, Worcestershire, West Midlands, England.

St. Cecilia

The National Academy of St Cecilia has an Orchestra that have made recordings of compositions by Edward Elgar.

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