old english banknotes

Old English Banknotes

About Me

The beginning of the journey was the one pound note.

It all started with the One Pound Note. There was a lot of buzz at the time of the withdrawal of the paper note because it was to be replaced with a coin. This started a journey for the then, young, Will Note to try and rescue one of those paper bank notes from destruction

These paper banknotes start from around the time of the latest one pound note that has most recently been replaced with a coin. There were many other Old English Banknotes that predate these, but I don’t currently have any to put on the site.

A glaring omission from the site is the Twenty Pound Michael Faraday note. This was due to me not having saved one before they disappeared from circulation.

Another missing Twenty Pound Note is the William Shakespeare. This is a nice looking note and still available on eBay and when funds are more fluid I may well treat myself to the missing notes.

I know it is not the same as keeping back a note from your wallet and waiting for it to expire, but no one else is going to know that they we bought from a dealer rather and nurtured by myself.